Food For Thought

In Food For Thought, Kelly talks to her friend Paula about how she believes her other friend Tiffany is stealing her creative story ideas.

KELLY: It’s more than that. She’s tapping into my ideas. I shared a story with her about a woman who is in love with a humanoid and now she’s writing a story about a woman who is in love with a humanoid.

I almost feel like she’s competing with me. I get this strange vibe from her, like she’s using me for data and then going at it alone to generate similar concepts with her own imagination and it’s irritating me. I haven’t been able to write for weeks and I am so frustrated cause I feel like a traitor to myself for sharing my ideas with her and the best part of it all is that she’s spitting back her own story concepts at me as if they are her own and it’s like rubbing crap in my face. It stinks so bad and I want to call her out on it but if I do it’s gonna make me look like I’m crazy because how do you prove that someone is stealing your story ideas and passing them off as their own?! (beat) I need a break…from her. I can’t have these weekly get togethers about her writing progress because it’s draining me, clearly it’s bringing me down and she’s off floating around like a butterfly and everything’s bright and happy and now I’m the miserable one. It’s like we’ve changed places.

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Food For ThoughtIn this one-act eplay, KELLY tries to figure out with PAULA how to distance herself from her friend TIFFANY because she believes her story ideas are being stolen from her.  Serio-Comedy. Two women.

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