True Blue Boy

In True Blue Boy, Abilene visits local head criminal Chip at his bar and private club to plead for her son’s life, before it’s too late.

ABILENE: I will not go home, Chip. You expect me to just walk on up and out of here? This is my son, my only son we’re talking about. He might have done some bad things, hell I know he done some very bad things, but that don’t mean he needs to pay with his life. There’s always a way to live. There’s still time for him to turn things around, make it right. If you take me to see Miguel, at least I know he’ll hear me out. Any man is gonna hear a pleading mother out. We all have mothers! Don’t we? There’s something deep inside us that doesn’t ever forget. Let me talk to him, let me beg for my son’s life, please Chip, he’s all I have left in the whole world. I’m not afraid of what they’re gonna do to me. I just wanna see my boy’s face again. They can take me, they can take all of me but I can’t live another day if they, they…please, Chip…don’t let them take my boy. Don’t let them take my Jake away from me…

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True Blue Boy PlayIn the one act eplay True Blue Boy, Abilene begs for the life of her son Jack to be spared after he crossed the line with take no prisoner criminals.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Crime Drama.

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