Glimmer of Light

In Glimmer of Light, Woodrow challenges neighborhood gangster Beck when it comes to his girlfriend owing him fifty-thousand dollars.

BECK: You know, Woody, I like you. You are one of those people and it’s very rare, very rare, you are one of those people that crosses my path and I take a liking to for no particular reason other than I take to ya. I mean, I look at ya and you’re an obvious dip-sh’t. It’s written all over ya, you’re harmless, one of the local kids who grew up in this neighborhood that always got abused and I was your angel. Know that? I was always keepin’ an eye on you, making sure none of the other kids picked on ya or anything like that, all cause I liked your face…I don’t ever feel that way towards anybody and when, on that rare occasion I do, I try to protect it, cause as dark as I can get, there is a little glimmer of light that sort of gives me vision, to see all things…I’m gonna end up killing you Woodrow, despite how much I like you, cause you’re not going to be able to keep up with the payments and you’re never going to pay off the debt and it’s just the way these things go. I’ll hate you even more for killing you because I liked you to begin with. I don’t expect you to understand it, but there, I said it and now it’s true.

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Glimmer of LightIn this one-act eplay, Woodrow defends the woman he is going to marry in the face of the worst criminal from his neighborhood.  3 Characters. Drama.  Crime.

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