Better Days

In Better Days, Miles is a bit defiant to pay the total bill for his room, so he spins a memory tale of Mr. Nick when he sleeps in the park.

MILES: Mr. Nick. He’s there. When I was a little boy we had this old man neighbor who went by the name of Mr. Nick and he used to perch on top of his porch, which was massive and high upon this red brick structure and I used to play at the bottom of the porch and overhear Mr. Nick’s conversations and he always had this deep, calming voice and many a time I’d actually fall asleep. Whenever I’m out in the park, I find this one particular tree that reminds me of Mr. Nick. I stretch out my legs and cuddle up at the bottom and I kid you not, I can still hear Mr. Nick’s deep, booming voice; it soothes me like a baby being rocked by its mother and all my problems fade away, no matter how cold the night may be, I’m there, trapped in a memory that pains me to wake up from…so, do I have to go visit Mr. Nick or do I get access to my room?

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Better Days by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Better Days, motel owner Karen wants her money from live in room member Miles.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama/Serio-comedy.

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