Winter Will Never End

In Winter Will Never End Jason talks to himself as he watches the woman he believed he was going to marry on her wedding day.

JASON(he watches the woman he’s in love with)  Look at her beautiful, a Goddess isn’t she? The most gorgeous woman in the world. She’d often speak about wearing a dress just like the one she’s wearing..silky, long, flowing, clinging to the waves of her slight frame.

I remember that look in her eyes when she’d imagine herself in such a dress. There was nothing that could come close to how she’d make me feel when I’d look into her eyes shinning with joy. I felt lifted, like I had the ability to fly at will. Felt like I could do everything for her..everything but give her the life she’s having she’s a distant shadow of what could have been, the figure of a ghost I once knew.

I hope Ronnie treats her right. I hope he gives her all the love she needs and deserves. I hope he never forgets what he has…

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Winter Will Never End by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Winter Will Never End, Jason works at a catering hall serving food and drink to a party of people related to the woman he loves on her wedding day.  2 Women, 5 Men.  Drama.

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