Sack of Feathers

In Sack of Feathers, Jackie and her daughter Henrietta battle it out during business hours over a life changing event that may be promising after all.

JACKIE: Let me tell you about feeling ill. Each morning I rise, I look over to the opposite side of the bed and see no one. Nothing there but a cold emptiness. That was your father. Cold as ice in life and cold as ice being gone.

I didn’t ask to take over the business but here I am and I’ve always knew I could do it better than him. The company has grown these past twelve years, year over year substantially because like you your father was soft. You are his replica! As soon as I took the reins I knew what to do and I was responsible for cutting out the fat and getting everyone in line. I wasn’t afraid. I was angry! And right now I am as angry as ever!

Looking at you from the waste up, all I see is intelligence wasted. You mope around the premises like there’s a gun to your head. Fear, uncertainly, panic…no guts! And I’m supposed to entrust this company to you when I’m gone? I think not. If I were the next of kin I would bend this company over my knee and give it a good spanking. You have no belief in your abilities and I’m not going to lead you by the hand and point ferociousness out to you. It’s either in you or it’s not, kid. (beat) So, there we are. That’s the truth of this story.

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Sack of FeathersIn this one-act ePlay Sack of Feathers, Jackie’s daughter Henrietta just may show the ‘stuff’ necessary to lead a company after all.

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