Isolated Romance

In Isolated Romance, what starts off as a conflicted inner issue of a writer’s popularity, leads to a potential love that may help Victor figure it all out.

VICTOR: I don’t want people pulling my arm for a photo and screaming my name. I just want to do my work. My work! That’s it. All this other sh’t is redundant for me and for the person who wants my attention. They think it’s important but it’s not, it’s a fading picture on some social media account and it doesn’t matter.

I try to rationalize it to myself without sounding like such a selfish p’k because I want to give people what they want because I care but at the same time I’m not a people pleaser in the sense of…oh, I hate how I’m sounding now…this is what I mean, I’m in constant conflict with myself. It’s why I keep a low profile and you know this already about me but I can’t stop living my life. If I want to go out for a beer with a friend I should be able to do that without worrying about being watched and followed and it’s why I wear these stupid hoodies and hats and—cause I have no damn privacy anymore. None!

I want to make people happy or content or whatever the hell it is I’m doing because I’m just trying to connect us all to one another in some freaking way and that’s where it matters most for me.

I don’t want to sign up for all this other stuff. It can be nice but it can be painful. I’m just a terrible human being. I hear how I sound, can’t stand myself anymore. I’m terrible, aren’t I?

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Isolated RomanceIn this one-act ePlay, Victor is having a difficult time handling his newfound fame as a writer, which leads him into further turmoil with his best friend Samantha.

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