In Headbaby, Forrester asks Rendall why there is no body for his head and wants the truth as to what is going to happen to him.

RENDALL: I’ve repeatedly told you that society has changed. The world isn’t as you remember it. Your kind is no longer in control. Today, when humans are born, they are born inside a center and in this center they are designed according to the new laws of the realm. Basically, you are a rare breed that has gone extinct and no one cares. They stopped caring a very long time ago. Humanity had so much potential, but you’ve all seemed to get in your own way all too often and when it came down to it, a series of poor decisions were made and it was too late to ever go back. You are the last batch that was left behind on a whim. You aren’t even good enough for spare parts…oh, don’t feel so bad. Really. Each of us has our own reality and this is simply your own reality. I needed to map you and surprisingly everything successfully uploaded into my database. There is an entire copy of your brain in digital form, so you can live on.

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Headbaby MiniHeadbaby is a one-act eplay that takes place some time in the future, raising questions on robotics, cryotechnology and computers.  Forrester is a man trapped in a laboratory by self-taught physician Rendall.  Drama. Sci-Fi.

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