We have to think and watch with our own two eyes.

In drama scene from one-act eplay, “In Red Winter,” Seamus listens to his brother’s strategy on how they will get revenge on their enemies.

SEAMUS: …Tell me, Todd. How much did you pay Shelly to take care of me?

TODD: Enough.

SEAMUS: She’s stopped loving me.

TODD: I know.

SEAMUS: I’m alright with that now.

TODD: Good.

SEAMUS: I will let her leave.

TODD: It is up to you.

SEAMUS: I seek my own brother’s permission in this.

TODD: You do what’s best for you, Seamus.

SEAMUS: If I did that, I’d a been dead long ago.

TODD: Settle things in your home. Sooner the better, but after my funeral.

SEAMUS: Right.

TODD: On the outskirts, let things seemingly fall apart. We must fall, as if in decline, but not so far where we are in ruin.


TODD: Go on.

SEAMUS: There is truth to your statement.

TODD: Go on, Seamus.

SEAMUS: We were robbed at headquarters. The Riley boys; came in and beat down all our men. They never opened the safe, but everything was taken. There was a tunnel and a note.

Seamus pulls out the note, shows Todd who reads it.

They claim credit for their success. The nerve to enter our place and take credit. Rumor has spread that we are through as you’ve fallen ill, and so, I think this is the beginning of their raids against us. Whoever is out there wants what we have, Todd. When do we go in?

TODD: We don’t.

SEAMUS: Are you mad?

TODD: This is exactly what we need.

SEAMUS: They aim to destroy us, Todd, and God knows who’s next!

TODD: Easy. This couldn’t have happened at a better time.

SEAMUS: They’ve stolen all our cash!

TODD: Good.

SEAMUS: Are you sure your brain’s not sick?

TODD: Seamus –

SEAMUS: I’ve been working on a plan to get these b’stards! We gotta take them down now before they rally their forces. There’s trouble coming! Don’t you see that?

TODD: We will do nothing.

SEAMUS: That’s not how this works, brother.

TODD: Seamus, I’m telling you now, you have to listen to my plan.

SEAMUS: I’m always listening to your plan, Todd. But this, I don’t have a good feeling about this.

TODD: I sent them in.

SEAMUS: You…what?

TODD: The Riley boys. We have a few of our men working as part of their clique. Word of mouth spread, hatching a plan to rob our headquarters. That’s why you weren’t there on that day. You were in the country with Shelly, as instructed by me.

SEAMUS: Shelly was in on this?

TODD: All Shelly needed to know was that I wanted you out in the country for a specific set of time. Paving the way for the Rileys to rob us.

SEAMUS: The fact that I wasn’t there has raised suspicions against me. Don’t you realize that?

TODD: I do.

SEAMUS: You’re putting me –

TODD: If you were there, you would have been killed!

SEAMUS: I would have taken them all myself!

TODD: Seamus, listen to me!

SEAMUS: I’m always listening to you, when you ever gonna listen to me?!

TODD: Keep your head about you. We have to think and watch with our own two eyes. This isn’t a time for pride. We have to think, tread carefully..with patience.

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In Red Winter by Joseph ArnoneIn the drama play act, “In Red Winter,” two brothers carve out a strategy where one of them will fake their death in order to get revenge on their enemy.  2 Men.  Drama. Crime Drama. 

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