Heavy Heart

In Heavy Heart, Tiffany tries to come to terms with why her brother Martin seems to be the one who always gets the most love and attention.

TIFFANY:  I know how you and dad have worked in your lives to provide for me and Martin and give us the upbringing we’ve been fortunate enough to have. What is the point of having all this money if it…there were many times in my life where you knew I was in financial trouble and you never, not once ever offered to give me a helping hand…when it comes to Martin, it’s a different story. Martin just needs to look in your direction and you open your purse. I’ve always wondered why that is…I’m the smarter one, I have ambition, I’m not lazy…why not give me a lift up?

It’s always Martin and it always ends in disaster. I’m sick of hearing about his failures. I’d like him to make something of himself on his own…I don’t think he ever will, but I don’t want to talk bad, he is my brother and all, but still, it pisses me off that he’s had the easy road and I’ve had to grovel for a loaf of bread.

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Heavy Heart by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Heavy Heart, Tiffany has been going through a troubling time in her life and visits her mother. During her visit she sees her brother Martin who quickly stops by to borrow more money from their mother and this sets Tiffany over the edge.  2 Women, 1 Man. Drama/Family Drama.

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