The Arrangement

In drama monologue, The Arrangement, Hardwicke talks to Carpenter about how important it is to identify the weeds from the flowers.

HARDWICKE:  I despise weeds. Especially those that most blend in, the ones that are clever at being undetected. They choke the life out of everything that is good. They creep up on beautiful flowers and restrict their vital force…slowly, quietly, till all the nutrients are drained and there is no energy left to blossom. What was once vibrant and radiant can now be seen as dull and subdued. That is most vile. No? Crooked. Corrupt. I have nothing but contempt for weeds. What they are good at doing, is their continuation of functioning to starve all that is sacred; they construct clever traps, tricks and roadblocks unless you remove them, INSTANTLY, on the double, one by one, rip them away before their contamination destroys what could be, what must be within the bounds of their force. Weeds. They cannot fester forever. They will try, but sooner or later they get taken out. (Beat.) Care for a cold beverage?

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The Arrangement by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, ‘The Arrangement’, Hardwicke has been patiently waiting for his contract to be fulfilled, but Carpenter doesn’t seem to have any intention of honoring it. 2 Men.  Dark humor.

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