I’m Sorry You’re So Beautiful

In drama monologue from “I’m Sorry You’re So Beautiful” Amanda takes a stand and lets Jake know that their fling isn’t really working out.

AMANDA: This isn’t what I want to be dealing with right now. We both finally make it to Broadway, after years of putting everything into this play. All I want to be thinking about is my character, our production and have my focus be entirely on that and now things with you have gotten completely out of hand. You can’t ignore it Jake, it’s affecting our work! Last night, on stage, it was different, I had a hard time connecting in some scenes and just being present and then, well, after the show I wanted to speak to you about it all but of course you were dodging the bullet, as you always do…acting like the world will figure it out for us. Then we all went out for drinks and I felt good, really good, I felt like maybe I was just overthinking everything and that we were over it already and all we needed was some time but then, we’re here! We’re back here Jake, back in your hotel room, which is the last place I wanted to be! What matters most, not just to me but to us…what matters most? Why can’t we just put an end to it? Why are you so damn stubborn, avoidant and just outright scrappy! We’ve got to stop, before we destroy everything we’ve worked hard for.

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I'm Sorry Your So Beautiful by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “I’m Sorry You’re So Beautiful” two up and coming actors playing on Broadway begin seeing one another behind the scenes but things quickly get in the way of their work. 1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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