No Comparison

In this dramatic monologue, Cordelia lets out some of her frustration here in this monologue towards her best friend Sophia.

CORDELIA: Why you always blaming me, Sophia? What the heck?  You know, it’s not my fault I’m pestered by them!  Heck, I don’t even want to go near them. I’m not into guys.

What do you think is worse? You walk around all day thinking you’re cursed. (imitating her) “Oh, I’m cursed, oh so cursed, life is soooo bad. Poor me, poor me, poor miserable me!”

I’m sick of it. What is that nonsense? It’s gotten old, Sophia.

You think you have problems? Your problems compared to mine are nowhere near what I go through daily. You try to be me for one day and I bet your head would spin right off your shoulders.

My family doesn’t even know I like girls. You think it’s easy to carry around this secret for the last God knows how long? Not knowing if you’re insane or what!

You’re the only person that knows the truth and I want to tell my family and my other friends but I just don’t know how. I know they won’t except me the way you have and I don’t want to hurt them, Sophia. I don’t want to break their hearts.

So, I’ve got issues. You, your issues are no big deal because one day you will find a man who will love you and take care of you and keep you warm at night and protect you and just treasure you. And that’s great. That’s great to have that comfort. And you will have beautiful children, I’m sure and life will be wonderful.

So please, stop complaining about meeting losers because I rather be in your shoes if I could be.

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CORDELIA and SOPHIA encounter a pivotal moment within their friendship.  As this one act play unfolds we see how true of a relationship these two young women really have.

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