Leaning Out The Window

In Leaning Out The Window, Jean does his best to explain to his friend Harla why and how he is getting through hard times.

JEAN:  No, well I saved up some, I saved up quite some money, I do have money, but the money I saved is for my rent, this way I am one month ahead and better off for it, not to have the stress get at me any further. It weren’t doing me any good. Each time I am late, the landlord charges me a penalty fee and this has been, how do you say, been buildin’ up and makin’ me fall behind in my payments, so…

I decided it’ll do me some good not to eat for a while, just for another few days or so, so I can get back on the saddle and pay that rent on time. It’s a terrible thing to have on one’s back, I’ll be good as new in a few days time, a missed meal here or there can’t do much harm in the short term. I’ve grown used to them dizzy spells, but that’s nothin’ a cup a water or a tipple can’t fix for the time being. (he laughs) Listen to me, I really sound like a poor bastard. Never in me life, Harla. (smiles) I spoke too much…not my tendency, must be my mind taking flight again…excuse my words…last thing I want is to ever be looked at as a fool, even if I happen to be one. Yeah? Besides, a little fasting never does one too much harm!

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Leaning Out The Window by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Leaning Out The Window,  Jean gets a visit from his friend Harla, who wishes to lend him a helping hand when she discovers the difficult times he has fallen on.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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