Making Good On A Few Promises

In Making Good On A Few Promises, Jean confronts her father about how lousy he has been throughout her life and matters only get worse.

JEAN: It’s not about forgiving you. It’s about accepting you and all the bullsh’t that comes my way. Is that it? And why shouldn’t I, right? You’re my father, so I’m supposed to tolerate your hurtful ways. I’m supposed to step back and take it on the chin because I should already know and expect that this is the kind of man, the kind of dad I have been blessed with.

Well, I haven’t chosen it. I demand more. I expect more and I’m not going to tolerate your lies, cons and stories anymore. You come into my house and you curse me, like it’s no big deal, after all the sh’t you leave around for all those years. I’ve always picked up your mess, haven’t I? I’ve always been there for you when you got into trouble. And you want to step into my kitchen and try to bully me as to how I should cook for my son? Why don’t you go sit down on the couch and be quiet? Keep your opinions to yourself. Spend time with your Grandson and be happy for once. You don’t come here and try to embarrass me because you’re having a bad day and have selected me, as usual, to take it out on. I’d ask you to leave, but I know it’s late and you’ll fall asleep on the road and die…which I won’t be held responsible for…so stay the night, downstairs and don’t aggravate me anymore.

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Making GoodIn this one-act eplay, Jean’s father Steven is visiting her over the weekend, but confesses that he gambled money he borrowed and is in debt to a gangster named Salve.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Serio-comedy.

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