How Do We Know It’s True?

A drama scene for teens coming from the one-act eplay The Outcome of Design about a young philosopher and the meaning of life.

GESEBEL: How do we know it’s true?

JEFFREY: What’s true?

GESEBEL: How do we know that the theories we create, the things we imagine, are valid?

JEFFREY: Math is true.

GESEBEL: Math makes sense, that doesn’t make it true.

JEFFREY: So, how do we know what’s true?

GESEBEL: We don’t. We’re all just destined to starve when it comes to heightened knowledge.

JEFFREY: That’s pessimistic.

GESEBEL: It’s true.

JEFFREY: So, there is something true. The convictions of one’s point of view.

GESEBEL: Our feelings are true.

JEFFREY: Hmmm. Feelings. Emotions. What if they aren’t?

GESEBEL: Feelings have to be true.

JEFFREY: No, they don’t.


JEFFREY: Maybe feelings are a lie. Maybe we feel what we feel, but emotions they are fake.

GESEBEL: How can they be fake?

JEFFREY: What if we’re programmed?

GESEBEL: Programmed?

JEFFREY: Programmed to feel a certain way, based on a certain scenario.

GESEBEL: That makes everything programmed then.

JEFFREY: And what if that’s so?

GESEBEL: …I don’t want to be a program.

JEFFREY: Neither do I…

GESEBEL stands up and takes hold
of a small flat rock.

GESEBEL: If I take this rock and throw is sideways into the lake it will skip. If I do it again it will skip differently. Each time I throw it, the action will have a different outcome. True or false?


GESEBEL: That means there is unlimited paths this rock could take.

JEFFREY: Unlimited programming.

GESEBEL: You’re saying everything is preconceived?

JEFFREY: I’m saying there is truth to how that rock will bounce, based on the truth of how you throw it. There is truth in the program…which could be math, by the way.

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