Playing Games

In the drama monologue, Playing Games, Lillia recently broke up with Brett for catching him kissing another girl.  They meet at a park to discuss everything.

LILLIA: You must think I’m trash. Do you? Cause there’s no going back after what you did. I still can’t even believe that you kissed Janel. I honestly didn’t think you were that type of guy. I really thought you were into me and you seemed so good, like, you weren’t like all the other losers in school and I trusted you and I didn’t even think about—I don’t even know why I came here, it’s like I’m still trying to believe it actually happened. And why Janel, out of all people? You don’t we don’t like each other, it’s like you deliberately planned to hurt me. There is no way I will ever, ever, ever be with you again and if you wanted to see me in person, here I am cause that’s where we’re at. Don’t call me, don’t bother me, just pretend I don’t exist.

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Playing Games CoverPlaying Games is a one-act ePlay for two teens, Lillia and Brett, who have recently broken up because Brett was supposedly caught kissing another girl.

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