You Were Never There

In teen drama monologue, You Were Never There, Faye gets a surprise visit at work from her father after years of not seeing him.

FAYE: You ain’t ever gonna change! I’ve been walking up and down these roads without fail for months. Now that you’re here, you suddenly care? You suddenly care how I am, how I’m doing? You suddenly care about my well-being? Why’d it take you so long to try and make things right? You’ve been out for over a year! (beat) Now you pop up on this random visit out of the blue, acting like nothing’s ever happened, like everything’s fine between us. Making me feel like I’m supposed to pretend the past never existed. I can’t start that way! I can’t act like that! I can’t look at you and believe the things you did were never real. They were real! And YOU did them. You. At least you could have had the decency to look me in the eye, and tell me that you are sorry, that you wanna make things right between us, that you’ve…ah, hell, why am I wasting my time? (beat) I remember finding you with a needle sticking out your arm. I remember the time you stormed in drunk and put your hands on Mom! I remember you breaking things in the house and all the times I needed your help, but you were never there! These things don’t evaporate. I still see them, and I still feel them, but you want to put on a face, you want to put on a voice, and act as if it’s all bullsh*t? You’re bullsh*t. I wish you never came back! I wish you’d stay away from me forever!

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You Were Never There by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “You Were Never There”, Faye receives a surprise visit from her father Boe, after he’s been out of jail for over a year.  Faye works at an ice-cream parlor and gives her father free ice-cream.  They talk in the outside seating area together.  Although Boe has good intentions, the past he has shared with his daughter comes rushing back to haunt them.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama/Family drama.

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