Soil, Air, Sky: Janet’s Monologue

In SOIL, AIR, SKY, Janet responds to her fiancés feelings about wanting to move down south, away from the life they were originally planning together.

JANET: …Your eyes haven’t stopped shining bright since we first got here. Your mouth hasn’t stopped smiling…I’ve never seen you so happy before. I see the way you look out at the landscape and it’s so obvious to me that you’re complete.

You ask me if I like it down here, well, I love it. I actually love it because I love you and I see how enthusiastic you are about eveything. I mean, I’ve never seen you with so much energy before…you haven’t missed a morning making me breakfast…showing me the rivers and the long walks we’ve had in the meadow, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever been used to. It almost feels like we’re in some kind of fantasy, I’ve been so happy these past couple of weeks.

I’m willing to experience this fantasy but is it really real? It can only be temporary…we need to get back to school, we need to pay off our debt, we need to live in the real world.

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In this one-act play, Jeremy reveals to fiancé Janet that he wishes for them to move to his home town down south and it isn’t what Janet has in mind. 

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