Error-Free Zone

In Error-Free Zone, Dimitri shares information to Masha about what happens when you become unlocked and enter the error-free zone.

DIMITRI: …When I was just a tiny baby in my mother’s arms, I can recall her feeding me milk. There was jazz music playing softly on a record player, a warm yet cool comforting breeze escaping through the nearby window which somehow magically brushed my mother’s hair and illuminated her in evening glow. I can never forget. Many things I remember from my life as if they happened yesterday…

When you enter the error-free zone, your memories take on new resonance and meaning. Everything your eyes had ever seen since birth, will recollect in your mind. You will see life in a profound way. It is all there, untapped. Everything you heard, smelled, touched, tasted. Some people lose their minds because they are overwhelmed. They cannot handle the information. Other people become free. I believe those that become free are the forward evolution of humanity. Everything we are capable of being, our fullest and truest potential, awaits us, it just needs to be unlocked but if we do not have the key to unlock such knowledge, we are left walking around aimlessly. That is what the error-free zone provides…a chance at a deeper life.

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Error-Free Zone Play by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Error-Free Zone, Dimitri is Masha’s guide to travel to the error-free zone where she will be unlocked, putting her in touch with deeper knowledge.  This short play takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and is a drama/science fiction piece.  1 Woman, 1 Man.

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