The Essence of Life

In The Essence of Life, Gina speaks with her brother during dinner about her leaving the man she was married to and finding her true self.

GINA: Not like you, never…I wanted my freedom and so I married, when in fact all I did was seclude myself from everyone I ever knew, everything I thought I could be. All my ambition, sucked out of me. My reality, turned into a nightmare and when I realized it, I knew I could never wake up, not until much later, when it was safe, when it was wise…and now, my freedom has returned, but for what? Where am I to go now? And with whom? Alone, alone and tired. (beat) I can’t seem to find it, I know it’s there, what I once felt, but it won’t come back. Perhaps, I’ve disappointed it. Perhaps it doesn’t trust me anymore. But I am here! I am present! I want it back…to feel as though I am living again…but, is it too late? Are the cobwebs too strong to fight? Two weeks. It’s been two whole weeks, since we divorced and where am I? Who am I? I’ve forgotten, James. I’m so afraid I’ll never remember myself again.

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In this one-act eplay, Gina and James attend dinner at a banquet hall, after not seeing one another in years.  Their bond grows stronger as the two share share personal problems and decide to embark on a journey together.

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