The Negotiating Table

Drama monologue from “The Negotiating Table” wherein Betty has taken in her sister but desperately needs her to move out.

BETTY: I didn’t mean to…(puts her hand on Peggy’s hand). I’m sorry…Matty’s really gotten to me is all…the stress of that woman, boxing me in, my whole world’s turned upside down on account of her. Not sure I can stand much more of her antics. (beat) I wonder at times if she’s even putting me on, to test me, see how far I’m willing to take my patience. Whenever she moves, there’s something left behind. She hasn’t grown up one bit since we were children; she’s remained the same…imagine? The bathroom…toothpaste stuck to the sink, the kitchen, oh well, I won’t even go there with you. I am constantly picking up after her twists and turns. Just two days ago, I slipped on her stockings, which sent me flying across the room, thought I was on an ice rink, kid you not.

(Peggy laughs)

Don’t laugh! It’s the truth. I heard that people oftentimes die of accidents right in the privacy of their own home, but I never believed it until now. (sighs)

Surely, there’s got to be a better way; maybe she can rent out a room somewhere, but that makes me a terrible sister. Her divorce is taking a century, and I’m drained. Bob is none too happy to say the least..we haven’t made love, well, you know..

(whispering) She listens, I know she listens in ’cause we hear her room creak whenever she walks over to the “listening wall”. How do you like that? How can Bob and I ever get anything started? Makes things awkward. We all get curious about others, but this feels like a constant invasion into my private world, and it’s, it’s, well, it’s embarrassing, is what it is Peggy.

Do you know Bob and I took out a room in Forest Lake just so we could have a go at it, and boy did we ever. (giggle) Not to sound, I mean it’s my husband and all, but we were long overdue. (beat)

There’s no escaping her, and I don’t know what to say to get her to make an exit. It’s time for her exit, don’t you think?

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