The Typed Manuscript

In the drama monologue from The Typed Manuscript, Edwina gives Jessica a description of who she imagines her to be from their first meeting.

EDWINA: You won’t get far in life if you continue going on in this way. How old are you? Twenty-one? Twenty-three, at most? At your age I was on my third novel. I didn’t spend time visiting strangers, getting teary-eyed and choking on biscuits in their garden. I hadn’t the time, nor did I have the courage to humiliate myself as such. Either you’re too naïve or too ambitious. I’m leaning toward naïve, but you did keep on with me for almost a year. That shows some chutzpah, I would think.

Regardless, you’ve really got yourself fired up on the wrong foot. Which shows lack of sincerity and that isn’t something I like. But it can be that you don’t know how to play the game, the politics of people, their psychology…patience, to get what you want; that reveals your ignorance, a lack of schooling…your nauseating purity and that is..well, rare. Yet, ultimately forgotten.

I had that once, but where I come from, in order to survive, I had to soak up life faster than most. Had no choice, really. You on the other hand, you’re wholesome, pampered. You’ve probably never had anything much to cry over. I’ll give you that now. Get out! Get out of my garden and don’t ever come back!

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The Typed Manuscript by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, “The Typed Manuscript” Jessica visits recluse writer Edwina Fletcher who has not published a novel in over twenty years but has been continuously writing.  2 Women.  Drama.

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