String of False Starts

In String of False Starts, Henry does his best to knock some sense into his brother Harry only to find out he’s started his own business.

HENRY: Changing your mind again, huh Harry? No focus. One week you’re hot and excited about one idea and you run with it for like a week, maybe a month, before it starts to fizzle out, cause you realize you gotta do the work, the real work to make that idea come to life and as soon as it gets too hard, you magically come up with a new idea and you get all jazzed up about it, cause its the hottest idea you’ve ever had yet, and you sell it like your life depends on it, right? Your emotions can’t be wrong!

…and on your cycle goes….

A year goes by, five, ten and it’s a life of nothing but a long string of false starts. (sarcastically) A giant circle jerk of genius concepts that never see the light of day, if only this, if only that, but if I had this but if I had that…EXCUSES!

Sometimes you’ll even go back on an idea, you’ll revisit it only to start the whole process all over again! So much time wasted!!!

(beat) Look at yourself. Look where you are…you happy? Living home with mom with no direction for your own life. No girlfriend, no friends and now you’ve quit the first good job you ever had.

You should kick your own ass. I mean literally take a step back and launch your fist into your face because only you know the real truth to all your tricks, lies and bullsh’t stories.

Aren’t you tired of your stupid self?

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String of False Starts MiniIn this one-act ePlay, Henry talks to his brother Harry about how he needs to find a focus in his life, instead of living off family and isolating himself from the world but Harry explains to his brother that he has started his own gadget service business.  

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