The Way Home

In teen drama monologue, The Way Home, Jasmine talks with her mother about the possibility of moving out to have greater independence.

JASMINE:  I’m not asking for anarchy. Only my independence. I’ve earned it. Haven’t I? I feel like I deserve to have my own individuality. There is so much I wish to do in my own life. For so long, I’ve always depended on you and Dad’s opinions. But, I need to grow up, Mom. And it’s not like we won’t see each other because we will, all the time, I promise…I just, I need my freedom. I need time, time to think and be in my own thoughts with things, I want to be my own person, Mom. To see what else this world has to offer, and I don’t want to wait forever, I want to understand things more and see what I have to offer this world. I do want a home base, I need my family, but I also want to travel, have experiences, live, learn, and do more. I want to be an adult, I need to be. And if you and dad support me on this, I promise to never let either of you down. All I’m asking for is my own time, for you both to trust me, that I’ll be okay, on my own, I’ll be okay. I am young, I know that, but I’ve also built this business, with my own two hands, I’ve got this far and I know I’ll be alright.

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The Way Home by Joseph Arnone 1In the one act eplay, “The Way Home” Jasmine talks with her parents about the possibility of her buying her own home and moving out. 2 Women, 1 Man. Drama/Family Drama.

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