There’s That Word I Hate

Byron is a talented entrepreneur who is building a promising bike company.  The trouble is he is still in High School with very strict parents.  

BYRON: Respected. There’s that word I hate. I don’t want to be a lawyer or a banker or whatever it is you and Dad want me to be. I want to do what I want to do.

FATHER: Watch it young man, that’s enough.

BYRON: You just want to control me.

MOTHER: While you’re under this roof and I am your mother, you have no choice.

BYRON: Jesus! I think i’m going to go mad if I live here any longer.

FATHER: Lift up your grades and we will take things from there. We need to see improvements and then we will have another meeting and if your grades have gone up, you can begin your business, not before.

BYRON: It’s already May Dad, I can’t do much to raise them by now.

FATHER: Are you headed for summer school?

BYRON: Maybe.

MOTHER: Oh, no!

FATHER: Listen, if you are expected to go to summer school then the entire deal is off.

BYRON: What are you talking about??

FATHER: Listen now, you failed to admit to me and your mother that you may be going to summer school and that’s a problem.

BYRON: Dad, I won’t go.

FATHER: If you do extra credit, extra homework, after school make ups, whatever it is you need to do to keep your butt from going to summer school and ONLY THEN will we allow you to start your bike business but if you are going to summer school, the deal is off.

BYRON: This sucks…I’m never gonna get anywhere listening to you both.

MOTHER: That’s our offer, you take it or leave it.

BYRON: Fine! Fine!

FATHER: That’s it now. We’ve discussed it.

(BYRON exits living room)

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