1 Minute Monologues for Teens

Here’s Monologue Blogger’s list of 1 minute teen monologues for girls and guys. We’ve shared 15 effective short monologues for your auditions.  You will find both comedy and drama around 60 seconds long each.

1 Minute Monologues for Teens

NOT FEELING YOU – a kiss Cassandra can’t remember and an explanation not to take things further.

STARTING FIRES – Jan talks to his sister about learning how to have emotional restraint.

JUST SO YOU KNOW – sisters who don’t get along.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME – Jesse tries to make things right for treating his girl like trash.

ATTENTION – one sister has had enough of the family drama the other sister causes.

GIRL I WANT – Clarence seeks advice from his cousin about a girl situation he’s in.

SPONGE – sometimes couples need space.

HEAVY COUGH – Emilia tries to convince her mother that she is not well.

WALK IN THE SUN – a vampire boyfriend has a difficult time turning the girl he loves into one as well.

SAY SOMETHING – Sala wants to step in to try and save her friend from drugs.

MY SIDE OF THINGS – the stubbornness between siblings.

FINAL EXAM – a popular guy at school tries to let go of ego and ask a geek for help with school work.

OLD ENOUGH TO WORK – Martin complains to his mother about how they never have enough food in their home.

ANYTHING SWEET STAYS – Carolina tells her friend how she never feels like she’s ever in good shape despite her efforts.

UNKIND WORLD – Polly confronts her family about wanting to be treated as an adult.


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