Last night was the most unusual night.

Drama Scene from, “I Saw Two Clouds in the Sky Kiss Once”, Luna explains to the concierge about a noise during the middle of the night.

LUNA: Last night.


LUNA: Last night was the most unusual night.

WILFRED: How so, Madam?

LUNA: There was a thumping.


LUNA: Yes, thumping. It was a rather soft thumping, yet persistent nonetheless. During the middle of the night. I was still awake, mind you. The sound captured my attention. Entirely. I pursued the sound, which led me to the neighboring room beside my room. I’m all too aware that I am the only one staying here besides you and additional staff; however, I opened the door to the neighboring room without knocking to find no one at all inside.

WILFRED: And what happened next?

LUNA: The sound stopped.


LUNA: Do you?

WILFRED: Pardon?

LUNA: What exactly do you see?

WILFRED: I understand your story but have no explanation as to what it was you think you heard.

LUNA: I’ve told you there was a thumping. (Beat.) You don’t think that’s unusual?

WILFRED: This is an old building, perhaps it makes noises we cannot fully explain.

LUNA: No, it was deliberate knocking.

WILFRED: Knocking?

LUNA: With physical force behind it.

WILFRED: Physical? Can you demonstrate?

LUNA: You want me to imitate the sound?

WILFRED: If you do not mind.

LUNA: How the hell do you suppose I do that?

WILFRED: Take this counter. Would you mind?

Luna steps up to the counter and taps the top of it with her fist.
Bit of a boom to it.

LUNA: I would say there was a boom, but distinct.

WILFRED: A distinct boom, you say?

LUNA: More knuckle…

Luna taps the top of the counter with her knuckles.

There. That’s closer to it.


LUNA: Do you know what that is?

WILFRED: I’m sorry, I don’t.

LUNA: You’ve never heard such a sound?

WILFRED: I’m afraid not.

LUNA: What are you going to do about it?

WILFRED: What time did you hear it?

LUNA: Must have been three in the morning.

WILFRED: Ahh, I see. Would you like me to listen in this morning?

LUNA: Certainly.


LUNA: Irritable sound.


LUNA: You must locate it.



WILFRED: Of course.

LUNA: If I was not already awake, I would have been alarmed. I can’t be asked to stay here if I’m going to be disturbed during the wee hours of the morning.

WILFRED: Of course not.

LUNA: I am here to heal!


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