Touch of Success

In Touch of Success, Philip and Carl face one another over their difference in values, ambitions and family love.

PHILIP: Because it’s the truth. You have talent and you piss it away like it’s always gonna be there. You don’t work for it. You just work when you’re inspired. F’k inspiration! Hard work, discipline, focus, that’s what gets you to where you need to go. Not random creative ideas and unfinished projects. You’ve got a mountain of ideas with no rope to climb with. What good will that do you? And that’s only half of it. The other half of you is possessed by these stupid conspiracy theories that only make sense to you and whatever chatroom online you find yourself in and I get it’s interesting and maybe even amusing for a minute or so but how does that filter itself through you and into your work? How? You’re like a spray gun that never hits a target. Always scattered, all over the damn place. A multitude of beginnings that never reach an end. How can I take you seriously? You expect me to take you seriously?

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Touch of Success MiniIn this one act eplay, Philip and Carl are two cousins who go head to head based on their uncommon values. 2 Men. Drama.

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