Nobody Cares

In Nobody Cares, Maggie is a sales representative determined to give her customer Sally all the help she needs and more.

MAGGIE:  You’ve gotta flaunt it while you got it. That hat and that scarf brings me back to the roaring twenties all over again. And bring it back! You know fashion regurgitates itself after so many years and what better time than to regurgitate some hotness now, now, now. You have the face. The spark! Your face could be on the cover of vogue or better yet, you could be one of those 1940s pin up models, if you don’t mind my saying so. Curves! You got ’em! And I have a coat you have to try on that will accentuate this whole slam bam shiggity damn thing you got going on here. You have got to try THIS. (whips out a coat off from clothing rack) Here, this will do it, I know what you’re thinking, ‘How did this angel sent from up above find this coat just for me?’ (smiles) Slip this right on and you’re off to the arena!

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Nobody Cares Comedy Female Play ScriptIn the one act eplay Nobody Cares, Rick waits patiently for his wife to try on a hat that is half their rent. Turns out to be a battle between Rick and the sales representative Maggie for Sally’s true happiness. 2 Women, 1 Man. Comedy.

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