Until The Next Event

In this monologue, Drex is upset over the fact that his girlfriend’s mother ruined a signed copy of a book he just recently purchased.

DREX: It’s an absolute mystery to me. I gave her my book to read while she waited for me to come out after my teeth cleaning. I figured it would be a nice gesture is all. When I came out the book was nowhere to be found. I didn’t say anything because she seemed intensely occupied with her phone but my eyes danced around, trying to find my book.

When we all got up to leave, I spotted the book and it was crushed. My brand new book, bent to sh’t, was parked firmly under your mother’s ass the entire time. How does that even happen? In fact, how can someone not feel themselves sitting on such an object as a book?

I picked the book up from the couch as soon as I saw it and I couldn’t believe how damaged it was. What shocked me more was that your mom didn’t seem to notice or care to notice.

I just bought this book. And you know how anal I am about my books. I collect them. This new book is going to be dead on arrival when placed on my shelf because of the damage. It was a pointless purchase. I traveled through the worst weather conditions with a head cold, waited hours to get the damn thing signed by the author, only to have the book ruined priceless because of your mother.

I’m sorry but she has no conscience, no consideration for the property of others and it’s infuriating to me. I bite my tongue because it’s your mom but she really should have some sort of self-awareness about such things. She really needs to know how she pisses people off.

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Until The Next EventIn this one-act eplay, Drex is having a difficult time accepting the fact that his girlfriend’s mother destroyed his signed book unintentionally.

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