Will you always hold my arm like this when we walk?

A drama scene excerpt from the one-act eplay, “Carried Away” about a young couple getting to know one another.

KIMBERLY: Will you always hold my arm like this when we walk?

DUFF: Always?


DUFF: What if we’re in a busy area, like Grand Central Station, how could I hold your arm like this?

KIMBERLY: You really know how to break up a moment with logic.

DUFF: Logic?

KIMBERLY: You’re logical, Duff. It’s good for all that math you do, but not for romance.

DUFF: Oh. Yeah, I think I go into logic mode when I get nervous.

KIMBERLY: Are you nervous?

DUFF: Well, not really.

KIMBERLY: Be honest.

DUFF: I’m okay.

KIMBERLY: Why are you lying?

DUFF: I do tend to, I guess, retreat into myself a bit.


DUFF: Yes.

KIMBERLY: Do I make you feel unsafe?

DUFF: No, I, well, not in a dangerous, harmful sort of way, I don’t think. It’s also what I like about you. The fact that you’re more outgoing than I am. At times, in certain settings, I wish I could be like you. You have no fear. I imagine there isn’t anyone on planet Earth you couldn’t have an interesting conversation with…I clam up, and you, you have such forward momentum with life; you do things without much thought or hesitation, really. I admire that freedom. I’m always hellbent on making sure every step I take is carefully worked out, before I set my foot down.

KIMBERLY: You get in your own way, Duff.

DUFF: I do, don’t I?


DUFF: Hmm.

KIMBERLY: You ever jumped off a cliff?

DUFF: Why would I do such a thing?


DUFF: You what?

KIMBERLY: I was in Italy…somewhere in Cinque Terre, I was on one of those scenic cliffs and decided to take the chance and jump right into the sea.

DUFF: And you survived?

KIMBERLY: Ha, ha, ha, I’m standing right in front of you, aren’t I, silly?

DUFF: Right. (beat) Why did you jump?

KIMBERLY: To see if I could.

DUFF: That’s the only reason?

KIMBERLY: What more reason did I need, Duff?

DUFF: Were you alone?

KIMBERLY: Actually, I was.

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Carried Away by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Carried Away” Kimberly and Duff go for a walk along an open field.  Duff begins to question and doubt himself over whether or not he is best suited to continue his relationship with Kimberly.  1 Woman, 1 Man. Drama.

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