Vin Rouge

In Vin Rouge, Cosmo shares with his girlfriend Rianna his passions and theory of love, life and existence.

COSMO:  Why do you keep bringing that up? I like my life the way it is. It’s plain. Colorless. I can’t take too much color…yellows and blues. The intensity will blast out my eardrums. I like to sit in purple. Why can’t I watch a snail on a windowsill all day long? Why can’t I count how many dung eaters exist on a ball of manure? You expect me to shout. To comb my hair. Wash my feet. Dance the tango. I look at you and I see a woman. A woman of the soil. Rich in nutrients. Full of lust. You make me chew my tongue with hope. Do you see? I am a lovebird. You’re my keeper. Together we share a kinship Rianna. Drop me down to the ground and I will roll around in the dirt seeking knowledge…but without you, I might – (suddenly) Excusez-moi!!! (beat) (to Waiter) Une bouteille de vin rouge s’il te plaît. (beat) (to Rianna) I love you. I don’t love you. I love you. Like rain that falls on dry sand. You can go wherever you wish. I am here if you want me and like the wind if you don’t.

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Vin Rogue by Joseph ArnoneIn the on act eplay Vin Rogue, Cosmo, Rianna and Tilda express themselves to one another while trying to discover who they are.  2 Women, 2 Men.  Serio-Comedy.  

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