In this drama monologue from one act play HUSH, Luciana enforces her negotiation tactics on Claudia in order to get what she wants.

LUCIANA: I won’t make it easy on you, Claudia. Everything you’ve ever worked your life for, I will make sure it ends. All of it. Today. You stand no chance against me. I am asking you nicely, for a favor. I am doing it in the most sincere manner. I am asking you until there is no space left for me to ask you anymore.

What I want you to do to Miss. Coleridge is subtle, subtle enough to where she will undergo the knife…repeatedly… until it’s too late, until she has gone much too far, until she cannot be saved and all that will remain is a woman who constantly looks in the mirror and slowly recognizes the destruction she once caused to my own client and to all the others she’s damaged.

All for the price of twenty million dollars. Now, you will do this for me, that has been decided, as the time is closing in on us, you will do it and you will live a long and prosperous life. A life that provides you protection, the kind you’ve never thought possible and you will be happy Claudia.

If Miss. Coleridge were to ever come after you, she will be silenced. I can assure you. We’ve known each other long enough to have built the kind of trust that a situation like this calls for, wouldn’t you agree?

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Hush by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, “Hush” a studio executive invites a plastic surgeon to a studio lot office in order to discuss a private matter that concerns an upcoming procedure for a client.  2 Women.  Drama.

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