I’m Not Dumb

I’m Not Dumb is a teen monologue about feeling inadequate. Tabitha talks to her guidance counselor about feeling less intelligent than the other kids.

TABITHA: I try my hardest in school but I am always just passing by the skin of my teeth. I feel like I am dumber than the other kids. I don’t know why I am not smart like they are. I study when I go home, I put in the time…sometimes I even stay after school for the extra help. And I always do extra credit.

Why am I not smart enough, Mrs. Gardner? I want to have a good future. I know I am young, but what I do now will mean something later in my life, I just know it. My parents, they are immigrants who came over to this country and I want to make them proud. They deserve it. But how can I make them proud when I’m stupid, when all I’m doing is barely passing? There’s nothing special about that, is there?

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In this one act play, Guidance Counselor Mrs. Gardner seeks to help High School student Tabitha with her studies and her insecurities.

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