Walter’s Study

In Walter’s Study, Franklin approaches his father about the difficulty they have as father and son hoping to establish a better friendship.

FRANKLIN: I’m talking about connection between a father and a son and going out to watch a baseball game, going for beers, taking a ride out to the country to go fishing, sharing stories about your life to me from your past or how it was growing up with Grandfather and memories you can pass on to me, asking me about my life and how I’m getting on, caring enough to actually make me feel like I matter to you. Is that not possible? Don’t you wish to know what the hell is going on in my own life? Don’t you give a damn? I see my friends and they have these wonderful relationships with their fathers and I look back on us and nothing ever matches. I can’t think of a single day we’ve shared where I felt you cared about me. You would think I wasn’t even your son. And yet, I see you different with other people. When Branson came here with his two boys, you treated them with such kindness, such humility that I thought I was seeing double. It took me days to get over it but it remains puzzling. The way you would ruffle the hair on their heads and offer them candy. That was more affection I ever witnessed let alone received by your hand. I want to know why.

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In the one act eplay Walter’s Study, Franklin reaches out as a last fated attempted to reconcile with his father and try to get on a better road together, but things may not go as planned. 2 Men, 1 Woman. Drama.

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