When We Imagine

In the teen monologue, When We Imagine, Jesse tries to convince Felix to get a muscle car so she can get free rides to and from school.

JESSE: You should get a car. I see you in one of those old school muscle cars. That’d be a good match. I’m always matching things. Napkins with dishes or socks with shoes or people with cars…the way my brain works. Comfort. When I have the right match, it gives me relief, like, to figure out what’s missing. I like to find the other half of things. Nothing is whole, right? A book has a bookmark, just like ink has paper or coffee has sugar or a TV has a remote or money has a wallet, sometimes, most of the time or a lover has a lover. (Quickly.)  Where’s that rotten ass school bus gone off to? I’m much too old to be riding ’round in a yellow school bus! Can’t tell you how many times I duck whenever we drive past someone I know. Which is why you should get a car, Felix.

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When We Imagine by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, When We Imagine, Jesse and Felix are two misfits who become connected due to the similar lifestyles they both live and the troubles they secretly have at home.  2 Women, 2 Men.  Drama/Serio-comedy.

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