After-School Activities

In After-School Activities, LaQuisha is training at the park for track & field.  Her mother is there training her but the intensity is too much for LaQuisha.

LAQUISHA:  Mom, I’m trying to tell you something and you as usual you never really hear me. (beat) Each time you come with me to the park and try to train me, it always turns dark and you become abusive. You don’t even realize it but you change, you become this other person.

And I become worried about what I’m doing. I become so aware of my actions that I’m mentally crippled because I just want to please you, so that you will get off my back and stop criticising me.

Nothing I do is ever good enough in your eyes!

All the fun I have when I’m running drains out from me cause I feel you watching me like a hawk. I can’t concentrate on me because I’m so concerned about you.

Isn’t that horrible?!

And for the record, I am not afraid to work hard. It’s working with you and the way you express yourself to me that turns me off to all of it.

I’d rather train by myself or at school with my coach and team, at least they encourage me and it’s supportive. Your involvement sets me back from moving forward.

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