I Wouldn’t Go Near Her

“I wouldn’t go near her.” is the scene starter for this one-act play excerpt from Love is A Strong Word by Joseph Arnone.

MARTIN: I wouldn’t go near her.

MISCHA: She wouldn’t go near you, either.

MARTIN: This is so messed up. Can’t believe this is even happening right now.

MISCHA: Calm down, you are blowing everything out of proportion.


MISCHA: Martin, stop!


MARTIN: …I’m sorry.

MISCHA: It’s fine.

MARTIN: No, really, I’m sorry. This is hard for me, okay?

MISCHA: And this is easy for me?

MARTIN: Had no idea.

MISCHA: About what?

MARTIN: That, that you liked her.

MISCHA: I had no idea, either.

MARTIN: How did you come to your conclusion?

MISCHA: We kissed.


MISCHA: We were drinking one night, we all went out dancing she was flirting and I was kinda shocked by it, never thought she’d be into me in that way, never even thought I’d be into her like that but when we got back the the dorms, I made out with her, it was all just a bit of a blur but I know we both enjoyed it and it, it opened up a whole new world to me and I’m sorry, it wasn’t planned, it happened but I can’t, I can’t deny what I felt.

MARTIN: And what exactly did you feel?

MISCHA: I felt high. High on living and all these emotions I’d never felt for a woman. For the first time in my life I’ve been able to do things without supervision, independently and I didn’t realize until I came up here how bad I needed this to happen. (beat) You’re my best friend and if anyone is going to get me it’s you…I want you to understand.

MARTIN: My feelings haven’t changed for you.

MISCHA: You would say something sweet like that, wouldn’t you?

MARTIN: It’s true.

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