Choice In The Matter

In the drama monologue, Choice In The Matter, Patricia begs for Cheri’s forgiveness, after accidentally speaking about a secret she should have kept quiet.

PATRICIA: But our husbands get on as well. We have had many occasions where we have spent an ample amount of time over one another’s homes. Our children play and go to school with one another, we have even gone on holiday together…we have truly bonded over these past few short years, have we not?


I cannot imagine not continuing on with our friendship.

Please, allow my husband to speak to your husband, to explain things. It truly was taken out of context and I guarantee there was no ill intention whatsoever on my part…

As I’ve said, I wouldn’t do anything to ever hurt you or your family’s well being…it was an innocent error and I own up to it entirely.

I could not feel worse. If I could go back in time I most certainly would, Cheri.

I am so terribly sorry and I care so much about you, the children, your husband…I am shattered, utterly devastated…

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