Tiger’s Claw

In Tiger’s Claw, Jackie sets the record straight about how she does business and what she expects or else she walks.

JACKIE:  Oh, you know, wherever there’s a pile of rust with gold hiding beneath it. I travel round a lot. Like being on the road, like keeping the wind’s momentum pressed down my back. I see a lot, pass through a bunch of towns, villages nobody ever hears of or thinks of, that’s where I go, unmapped regions, that’s what interests me, the undiscovered, that’s where the adventure lives, always has been for me…picked me up some good items along the way, enough to survive, but now Saul here tells me that ya’ll wanna put me on some kind of salary, help you find some treasure…I’m game but you can’t be wasting my time, my life is good as it is, but I won’t say no to a pair of dollar signs…long as we’re on the same road then we’re gonna be alright. I make my own hours, travel my own destinations, and call you when the time’s right…what’s it gonna be fellas?

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Tiger's Claw Theatre ScriptIn the one act eplay Tiger’s Claw, Vic and Saul are looking to hire someone to go out on the road and find hidden treasures in people’s ‘junk’ for collection and profit.  Jackie shows up at Vic’s house and all doesn’t go as planned.  Serio-Comedy.  1 Woman, 2 Men.

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