Walking On Air

In Walking On Air, Linnie talks to her daughter about not taking life for granted and learning to appreciate what you have in life.

LINNIE:  Sometimes a person doesn’t know what they want until they aren’t given it. Then you need to look at what you do have and learn to live with it, make the best of your situation because what’s the alternative, living in misery? I know this girl, spoiled rotten her whole life, comes from some well to do family and she’s missing a few marbles upstairs if you know what I mean, and she’s been given the life of riley treatment, went to school with her and such but at some point we broke off, she went her way, I went mine…bumped into her not too long ago actually, shopping on the avenue and wouldn’t you know that the second our eyes connected she was off and running her mouth about how miserable she was…here’s a woman given every luxury in the world, she wants for nothing but what matters most inside the heart and that is where her trouble has always been, nothing ever changed for her and nothing ever will I’m afraid. Made me realize what I’ve always suspected…you are given what you are given in life and it is up to you to give that life all that you can to make the best of it. Now you met this nice boy, Richie. Right now you are floating on a cloud and it’s a soft, high cloud full of funny feelings and light moments…hold on to those moments, cherish them, make them yours forever…while you can. I’m just saying, enjoy your life and make life worth living at all times. Nothing worse than having everything but finding yourself bitter because you really have nothing.

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