In this monologue from one-act play ‘Julia’, Dr. Ava reveals to Julia as to why she followed her from their local church back to her home.

DR. AVA: The day that you had visited Father O’Connor, was when I noticed you. You see, I was there, I went to visit St. Francis church that same day. I use to go there when I was young, my Mother went to church every Sunday and would take me with her to the service, my Father never attended. When my Mother passed, I stopped going every Sunday. Only I had an urge to go back there recently. I’ve been questioning if perhaps my work was losing its meaning, that…what some of my clients lacked was something medication couldn’t prescribe. And so I took the train there that Sunday, it was just as I remembered, the stone steps hadn’t changed, they were patterned in the same way, nor had the long walkway up to them or the vastness of the fields that made it all look so small. As I opened the gate and walked down its pathway, I noticed a figure exiting from its large doors. I approached and saw a woman, in a grey dress, walking down those same stairs..it was you. I noticed the movement of your hands, you brought one hand to your chest, the other followed and you sat down on the bottom steps, it seemed as if you had trouble breathing. I wondered if perhaps someone you loved had recently died, but then…I knew that it was something more than that. Something more painful than that…(Pause.) And so I knew. Then…I saw something I hadn’t seen since I was a child, a blue jay bird approached you, it…brushed its coat against your body and burrowed its neck between your feet, it stayed there and you wept silently. You got up and walked away, as if you hadn’t noticed its wings were beneath you.

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Julia by Daniella Alma

In this one-act psychological drama, Julia meets with Dr. Ava, a psychologist.  A dark secret they both share takes its presence between them.  2 Women.  Drama.

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