Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods takes place at the start of a fashion show.  Edmund and Avy are strangers seated next to one another alongside the catwalk.

EDMUND: It’s really a matter of effort. I think writing is a drag, it just goes on and on and on but I make a killing cause I have a way with words and my editors love me…I get to travel the Earth and it’s fun staying in high end places and being pampered…massages, finest liquor, gifts…I’m a sucker for shoes, I’ll do anything for a good pair of shoes.

You may ask me why and I’ll tell you why…I do it not for passion but for the excitement, so maybe I’m in love with the excitement for what the job provides me, not the job itself…but the liquor, if it’s smooth enough, will help me review catwalks I can only imagine…I wish I could remember what I write, actually I don’t, what a terrible bore that woud be but the truth is that I sometimes find myself searching for the other person who did write those reviews because really, quite frankly, I have no idea…

I have made fashion icons and have destroyed dreams and I make no apologies. It is the territory we breed within and whether I’m flying high or buried under the ground it makes no difference light years from now, does it?

Edmund stares coldly at Avy.

You are a looker but not model type but you already know that, don’t you? And before you get insulted just take my words as a compliment…you should only know what goes on backstage. Stick to the front of the line, at least you’ll have a chance…

Ha! Perhaps the drink has already kicked its way in.

On with the show! On with the show! (laughs hysterically) I’m sorry, I am having way too much fun and don’t wish for it to be at your expense.

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Damaged Goods Mini CoverDamaged Goods is a one-act ePlay about making good choices early in one’s life, so that later in life, there are less regrets.

Edmund is a fashion critic in his 50’s who meets a young and open-eyed AVY, during the beginning of a fashion show.

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