8 Funny Male Comedy Monologues

8 Funny Male Comedy Monologues for actors in need of comic audition material. Topics include food and drink, crazy dates, Napoleon complex and etiquette.

8 Funny Male Comedy Monologues

SIDE EFFECTS – Doctor Osvald Knickerbocker has discovered the secret cure to save all of humanity from every sort of disease possible.

UPON MY RETURN – Sir Walter Walter speaks to his Lord about going to grab some lunch at a nearby Burger King.

YO – In this monologue, Kirby isn’t about to have a new employee call him YO, rather than his first name.

THERE HE IS – Pete cannot stand coping with a co-worker at his job that seeks constant attention.

DAVEY BOY IS BACK IN ACTION – Davey boy tries to prove his manhood to his friend.

CHATTERBOX – Guy was on one of those crazy ass dates that he shares in this monologue.

THE SHOULDER TEST – Aury talks to his friend about how he knows if a girl will be fat when she gets older.

MEDIUM – This is a comedy monologue about a man who refuse to accept the fact that he is much smaller than he cares to admit.

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