8 Funny Male Comedy Monologues

8 Funny Male Comedy Monologues for actors in need of comic audition material. Topics include food and drink, crazy dates, Napoleon complex and etiquette.

8 Funny Male Comedy Monologues

  • Side Effects – In this monologue, DOCTOR OSVALD KNICKERBOCKER is a Doctor who has flown overseas to warn Americans of a new approaching epidemic.  Dr. Knickerbocker and his team of scientific laboratory geniuses have discovered the “cure” to save mankind against the killer side effects that a particular prescription drug is used for.
  • Upon My Return – In this monologue, Sir Walter Walter speaks to his Lord about killing captured defiers of the throne and stopping afterwards for some Burger King.  Sir Walter Walter speaks in an extremely dramatic, raspy voice, as if he is a horrible actor from a terrible Shakespeare rendition.  Everything he does in this piece is as if he is performing Hamlet before the Queen.
  • YO – In this monologue, Kirby is having a really bad day and it gets worse when one of his workers calls him “yo” instead of by his real name.
  • There He Is – PETE talks about how annoying his co-worker Andrew is and how he is caught in a world of inner turmoil over it.
  • Chatterbox – GUY shares a story with his buddy about a crazy first date experience gone wrong.
  • The Shoulder Test – In this monologue,  Aury talks to his friend about how he knows if a girl will be fat when she gets older.
  • Medium – This is a comedy monologue about a man who imagines himself being 6’5 when in reality he’s about 5’8.

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