Day Follows Night

In Day Follows Night, Tyra reaches out to her only friend at 4AM while intoxicated as a last-ditch effort for help.

TYRA:  Are you? Here for me? Who’s ever there for anybody, Pina? You ever think about that? Like, I’ve done favors for people, good favors, bad favors, all kinds of favors and when it’s done I slowly forget about it. Do you think doing favors for people makes your soul shine a little brighter in this world? I think it depends on the favor. Some favors make you darker inside…I’ve done a lot of bad favors Pina. Favors I can’t get out from my mind…just f’n smack me upside the head, bring me down and I’ll go down the sinkhole, down, down, down…I’m fine. And so I see the next day and the next day, day follows night and so on and I don’t feel anything anymore but my own mish mosh of done deeds. They’re all in the past, I just can’t break myself away from them. I wanna die. No, no, listen, LISTEN, listen, I wanna die but come back a new me, better me, please…help me…I wanna go home.

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Day Follows Night by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Day Follows Night, Tyra is intoxicated and in trouble during the early hours of a cold winter morning.  She reaches out to her only friend Pina to rescue her from her situation and herself.  2 Women.  Drama.

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