Don’t you want to love again?

In this drama scene, Harla visits her friend Jean to help him take steps in finding love in his life again.

JEAN: Harla, I have loved once.

HARLA: You have?

JEAN: It taught me what I didn’t wish to have.

HARLA: Don’t you want to love again?

JEAN: Ha, ha…only a fool would make the same mistake twice.

HARLA: You’ve resolved yourself to living in the pit.

JEAN: My pit is my pleasure.

HARLA: Hmm. Somehow I don’t truly believe you. I think you are just scared.

JEAN: HA! Scared?

HARLA: That’s right. Scared. A man afraid of life. Afraid to venture out into the real world and taste the richness of it.

JEAN: I have seen it all.

HARLA: No, you haven’t.

JEAN: It is good. Good because I am protected from the mess that goes on out there. All I need is my tiny corner, a bottle of wine, and I can go wherever my imagination wishes to go, without cause of injury to anyone.

HARLA: You are afraid of gettin’ hurt again, aren’t you?

JEAN: I think we’ve said enough, don’t you think?

HARLA: I didn’t mean to upset you.

JEAN: It isn’t you.

HARLA: Okay…will you be coming over for dinner this evening, let us say six?

JEAN: Well If I am not to be criticized further, I would love nothing more than to join you.

HARLA: Okay, Jean, it’s only because…oh, (sighs)…

JEAN: I will see you at six.

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