Checking In

In Checking In, Rob locates and meets with his biological father for the first time to deliver the news that his mother died and to ask him one question.

ROB: I want you to know that I think you’re a piece of sh’t. You were never a man. You f’kn ditched us for your own selfish needs and I hate you for it. I was hoping you’d be dead. The only reason why I came this way was for the promise I gave my mother…she was the most beautiful, kindhearted, loving human being a person could ever be lucky enough to know. She raised me. She made me who I am today. If it wasn’t for her playing the role of a father and a mother, God knows what I would have turned into. I used to go wait on welfare lines with her, used to watch how she fought tooth and nail just so I can have food in my stomach. Used to take the bus to get to town and she’d pawn whatever valuables she had, to make the rent, and she’d always buy me an ice-cream, which somehow made me feel like everything was gonna be alright. I’d chip in as soon as I was old enough, worked at the local deli making sandwiches and I’d hand over every dime to my mother. She never dated, never left the house other than to make a dollar. She was a great woman and you gave up, you quit and walked away, you never fought for us because you are a weak man, because your f’n pride was hurt and I say f$%& your pride when it comes to your wife and kid! What pride?! Why break a family? WHY?! Why start a family to begin with if you aren’t strong enough to keep em?

I know I’m comin’ at ya and I didn’t even think about sayin’ the things I’m sayin’ to ya. I’m pissed off I’m even sayin’ ’em! But damn it, somebody’s gotta tell you what you did wrong!

Mom wanted me to come here and be nice to you and start some kind of friendship. She was all too worried that I’d be left to my own devices and that’s in spite of knowing what you were…imagine? She still forgave you…and loved you.

I’m not as strong as my mother. I see you for who you are and I promise you I will never be anything like you, and maybe for that I should thank you. Thank you for showing me how NOT to be in my life. Thank you for giving me the example I needed to make an honest living, to at least treat people with a bit of dignity, and knowing how to be aware of my own integrity.

Thank you.

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Checking InIn the one-act ePlay Checking In, father and son meet for the first time since father abandoned son while just a child.  2 Men.  Drama.

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