See Me

In See Me, ALINA speaks to her cat Rosie after multiple rejections from drama school because she doesn’t have anyone else she can open up to.

ALINA:  I didn’t get in, they have rejected me again. The drama school I’ve been wanting to go to…since forever. I know I’m not perfect, I know I’m different to the other kids that audition and get in. Their posture is always perfect, mine is awful and I’ve got this cockney accent that’s embedded itself into my brain, I can’t get rid of it. I’ve auditioned three times now, and once again, here is the rejection letter…


…I don’t know what more I can do, I wish they knew just how much I care, how much I need them. I wish I had some kind of school or institution accept me as an actress; my family never did, my friends always laughed at the idea. People might think I’m mad but I know I have something to give, I know I do, otherwise why would I be so taken every time I read a play or watch the theater. I imagine for nights on end what it would feel like to be that character.

Rosie, I know I’m not perfect and I’m not saying that I have some Godly gift to offer either, I just can’t believe that there is anyone out there who needs this more than I do.

I’ve tried doing other things.  I’ve tried being creative in other ways but everything else feels lifeless.

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In this one-act play, Alina stands up to her parents from their response to her career choice of being an actress.

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Daniella Alma McGrath - Daniella is a British actress from London, living in New York City. In addition, she is a guest writer and film producer for Monologue Blogger Films. Her latest work as an actress, can be seen in her most recent feature film “Being Dead”, as the role of Young Celice Adkins, alongside Elizabeth Marvel and Linus Roache.