Deep Down

In Deep Down, Beth and her boyfriend Daniel are both reaching the realization that it is most probably best that they break up to find true happiness.

BETH: You need to understand that it’s two lives, not one, that will go in vain.

You owe it to yourself to rise above your problems and find happiness inside yourself and I deserve to be with someone who will give me all that I desire in this life.

We need to stop wasting our time. I much rather go at it alone with the hope of finding someone who can fulfill my needs than be with a man who will forever be burdened with his past and not accept his true nature.

Life won’t wait for us, Daniel. It continues on and doesn’t care what role we play in it. Only I know what role I wish to play and this isn’t it. I won’t be made to feel guilty for leaving you because I didn’t realize it until this very moment that this is what I have to do…for both of us.

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Deep Down MiniIn this one-act ePlay, BETH comes to terms with her relationship with her boyfriend DANIEL and decides that it’s time they should go their separate ways. Drama. 1 Woman, 1 Man.

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